The IHRO annually awarded trophies are:

The Classic Racer Endeavour Award

Long time supporters of the International Historic Racing Organisation, Classic Racer, have provided a trophy which will reward effort rather than outright winners.

The Classic Racer Endeavour Award will go to the person who, in the opinion of a small panel of judges, has gone that extra mile. The recipient could be a rider, mechanic or sponsor.

There is a fabulous annual trophy plus a replica for the winner to retain.
The IHRO Trophy

This is IHRO’s longest standing award, it is a trophy originally awarded at Daytona in the 1950’s and goes each year to the person who is judged to have displayed the most ‘IHRO Spirit’ during the previous season. The winner does not have to be a race winner or even a rider. The trophy is held for a year then returned ready for the next recipient. This is awarded annually at Schleiz.
The A3R Trophy

This award is made in Memory of Ardrie Van Balen, a supporter of IHRO from its conception, who was sadly killed in a road accident.

Ardrie was a rider of no mean ability until a racing accident robbed him of a leg, he then decided to prepare his Seeley Goldstar machines for Ton Groot, with whom he had raced so often.

The trophy is awarded to the fastest qualifying Goldstar engined machine at Schleiz each year.